April 27, 2008

Sue Scheff trying to claim she doesn't refer kids to boot camps...

This is disgusting. Here, a lady who has referred many parents to ABUSIVE rehabs, Sue Scheff (P.U.R.E.), is claiming she/they don't refer kids to bootcamps. Just because they don't refer to bootcamps doesn't mean they don't refer to abusive rehabs. The fact that they are taking these current hearings and use it as propaganda to "prove" they are on the up and up when in fact they are just as bad, sickens me. And of course ever single post she's made about it on one of her 1002 blogs that repeat the same B.S. have comments turned off. She knows better, the truth would out her as it has so many times before. Parents Beware of P.U.R.E. and Sue Scheff!

You can read her lies here. You can't comment but definitely feel free to email her and ask her questions.

That's all for now. Have a lovely day!

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